Blade Tip Timing and Blade Tip Clearance
FOCIS - Optical system for blade vibration monitoring and blade tip clearance measurement.
FOCIS Description
Torque and Torsional Vibration
TVS is an optical system for accurate measurement of speed, torque, and torsional vibration
TVS Details
Optical Sensors
Optical probes rated for high temperatures and extreme environments.
Optical Sensors
Opto-Electronic Instrumentation
Laser/photodetector instrumentation and data acquisition cards.
Opto-Electronic Instrumentation
Technology Development
Our research areas include stall detection, inlet distortion characterization, FOD detection, and magnetic and acoustic NDI/NDT methods.
Overview of Research Topics
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  • Blade Tip Timing and Blade Tip Clearance
  • Torque and Torsional Vibration
  • Optical Sensors
  • Opto-Electronic Instrumentation
  • Technology Development

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